Umialik Award

The Umialik Award honors an individual or organization that has exhibited leadership and stewardship in the Arctic community. KeyBank is a long-time contributor to the Arctic Education Foundation, last year making a generous contribution to the Aveogan Leadership Award at the 2023 Ivalu Gala. Without their support, this program would not have been possible. Please join us in congratulating KeyBank as the Umialik Award winner!

Flossie Hopson-Andersen Award

Lucy Ahvaiyak Richards

An Inupiaq Teacher for 23 years for the North Slope Borough School District at Ipalook Elementary.

My given name at birth is Lucy Ahvaiyak Kakianaaq Iqaluk Brower. My parents were the late David K and Jane A Brower of Barrow Ak. I was born and raised in Barrow but lived my teenage, attended high school years, and graduated in the village of Nuiqsut. After graduating I moved back to Barrow to live with my parents and to find a job to help provide for our family. I have 4 children, Lonny Dean, Thea Jennie, Emma, and Timothy Jr.

I have 14 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. So, I am a blessed aaka and amau. I come from a family who also provides the gift of the Bowhead whale for the community and our families. I have had the privilege of being the Co-captain for our family’s whaling crew for the last 25+ years. and continue to help support our young whalers as they continue to keep the tradition of whaling and feeding our people.

As my mom’s last words to us were ‘Keep on Whaling’ I started with the school district just after graduating and moving back to Barrow in the early 80s. I was asked upon returning in 1997 to become an Inupiaq Language Teacher as we were short on ILT teachers for that school year and so the beginning of becoming an Inupiaq language Teacher for the next 23 years began. I am now retired!